The grant

Young people are confronted with numerous challenges all coinciding at the same time. They achieve outstanding results during their studies and participate in social engagement. The Hirschmann grant provides support to students such as this, allowing them to focus on their studies.

The key points in brief

Grant amount

The ceiling for a master's degree is CHF 10'000. Personal circumstances are taken into account when determining the amount. The usual amounts are CHF 5'000.

Target group

Prospective master's degree students, who

  • have completed their bachelor's degree studies with above-average results
  • are intending to pursue a consecutive master's degree at a federally recognised Swiss university of applied sciences – with no major interruptions during their bachelor's degree studies
  • participate in social engagement


Receipt of a grant is contingent on the following conditions being met:

  • The master's degree programme must be pursued purposefully and with above-average effort.
  • Reference must be made to the Hirschmann grant in the event of awards or prizes received during the period of study or on qualification.
  • The Hirschmann Foundation must be notified of any termination of, or break in, studies.
  • Participation in Hirschmann Foundation events for grant holders (every two years).
  • Publication of the names and a photo of the grant holders on the homepage of the Hirschmann Foundation, with personal statements on grant, study motivation, social engagement and career goals.

Recall of the grant

The Grants Committee of the Hirschmann Foundation reserves the right to revoke its award of a grant

  • if the conditions cease to be met and/or
  • the studies are terminated.

In both cases, any amounts already disbursed must be reimbursed.

When applying for a grant, applicants declare in writing their agreement to these conditions.

Recourse to legal action

Recourse to the courts is excluded in respect of the awarding of grants.


Applications must be submitted by 15 April or 15 October. Applications in respect of master's degrees already started will be considered if you are not in the last semester on 15 April or 15 October (submission deadlines).

We recommend you submit your application a week or two before the submission deadline.

Applicants will be notified of the decision of the Grants Committee of the Hirschmann Foundation within two and a half months (30 June or 31 December). No correspondence will be entered into regarding the processing of applications.

Wir nehmen Bewerbungen auf Deutsch, Französisch, Italienisch und Englisch entgegen.
Nous acceptons les candidatures en allemand, anglais, français et italien.
We accept applications for a grant in German, French, English and Italian.
Accettiamo le applicazioni in tedesco, inglese, francese e italiano.